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Need an extra push to grow your existing business or get a new idea off the ground? Let me help you reach your goals.

On our Libra Small Business Builders website you will find valuable and informative information when setting up or growing your farming operation and small business. The ideal starting point is by preparing a proper “business or farming plan” A well – structured business/farming plan is a good way to explore the feasibility of any business without actually having to start and run it. Good business planning can help you see serious flaws in your business concept. Any venture that face major changes ( and that means almost all businesses) needs a business or farming plan.

About the only person who doesn’t need a business/farming plan is the one who’s not going into business.  It’s also a big mistake to think that only startups needs business plans. Companies and Managers find plans useful at all stages of their existence. So, whether you’re a Small Business Owner / Agripreneur or simply someone looking to stay informed about the latest trends you’re come to the right place. Let’s learn, grow, and succeed together. Furthermore, setting up a small business or farming operation is an exciting but challenging venture that requires a lot of planning, funding, and legal compliance. Smooth Business Start with good Consultation.  Libra Small Business Builders can help you to be successful with your business or farming operation.

Analysis Paralysis

Some business owners and agripreneurs dive in head first without looking and make things up as they go along. Yet, there are business owners who stay stuck in “analysis paralysis” and never start. Perhaps you’re in a mixture of the two – and maybe that’s right where you need to be. Still, the best way to accomplish any business or personal goal is to write out every step it takes to achieve your goal.

How it Works:

Step 1 – Schedule a consultation via email.

Step 2 – We will get to know you & your goals.

Step 3 – We will give you a simple and clear plan of action with transparent pricing.

Business Plan Importance

A comprehensive and well – structured business plan is an important first step for any size of business, no matter how simple or complex.

You should create (or ask a professional) a strong business plan because it:

  • Will help you get organized.
  • Will act as your guide.
  • Finally help you to obtain funding.
  • It will help you to remember all the details and make sure you are taking all the steps.
  • Besides, It will help you to think carefully about why you want to start a business or farming operation.



By making use of our services, you will share in the following benefits:

  •  28 years Banking experience gained in various senior positions.
  • Helping Entrepreneurs and Agripreneurs for more than 23 years in setting up a successful business.
  • 15 years experience working with farmers.
  • Professional & Personal service going the extra mile.
  • Free Investors pitch if you sign up for a business plan.
  • Professional Business and Farming Proposals.
  • Guidance in how to approach Investors.

Informative Business Information

Consultants versus Contractors

At some point in the life of your business – start up or existing – you will hire a “consultant” . Start with understanding the difference between a “consultant” and a “contractor”. A contractor is hired to get something done that you do not have time for or not enough work for a full – time employee. A consultant is someone you hire to share his or her knowledge and expertise with you. In a sense consultants teach you what they have taken years to learn. If a consultant has 25 years of experience and writes a book sharing that knowledge and expertise, you buy the book and read it. You will leverage that person’s knowledge and compress it into the time it takes you to read and apply what you’ve learned.

Yet, the same should be true of the “business coaches” you hire. They should be consultants, not contractors. They should be able to transfer their knowledge and skills to you. It is dangerous to fall in love with the idea of starting your own business without understanding the realities. Libra Small Business Builders can help you with this and much more.

How to get maximum value when you hire a consultant or business coach:

Consider the following guidelines when you decide to hire a consultant or coach:

  1. Be realistic in your expectations – The main reason for hiring a consultant is to gain a new perspective, plus access knowledge and expertise not readily available. so, it is important that the consultant have the ability and willingness to transfer skills and expertise.
  2. Remember that you own the business – Because you are the only one who can decide, you are the one who will be left holding the bag at the end of the day. The consultant is not there to make decisions for you, but to provide perspective, information, and observation. Furthermore, the consultant is also there to train you.
  3. Listen to the consultant – Hear out what the consultant has to say – ask questions. So, do not be afraid to say you do not understand what is being told to you. Take in the information, ask for guidance on how to apply the information, and make your own decision.
  4. Provide the consultant with feedback – Let him or her know what you like and what could be improved on.
  5. Give the consultant permission to speak his or her mind and tell you the truth – You do not need someone to “tickle” your ears. So, you do not need someone who agrees with everything you say. The consultant should have the confidence and communication skills to challenge you.

When you do all these things and hire someone you trust and respect, you will have a great experience and your business will be better off.

proven small businesses that never fail

1. Home Repairs / Renovations.

2. Self Storage facilities.

3. Laundromat (95% success).

4. Vending Machines (90% success).

5. Residential & Commercial Rentals.

6. Agriculture (88% success).

7. Trucking & Transportation (76%).

Problems & Solutions



Small Business Set Up Start with compiling a Business Plan (or ask a professional to do one). We will guide you with the process when you use our services. Business Plans are like “road maps”: its possible to travel without one, but that will only increase the odds of getting lost along the way.
Small Business Funding Small businesses and farming operations are struggling to get the fuel they need to grow sustainably. When you make use of our services, we provide you with list of Investors and show you how to approach them successfully.
Farm Safety & Security Security is becoming an important issue for farmers/agripreneurs. Even if the risk of an attack on your farm is minimal, you should at least consider your vulnerability to other criminal acts. See our Blog Post – Safety & Security.
What type of Business to start Many people dream of starting their own business or farming operation. Running an enterprise in your home or on the go means you can take more control over your professional goals, set more ambitious financial targets and achieve more desirable work- life balance. See “Proven Small Business that never fail” article.
Farming – Water scarcity problems Agriculture consumes more water than any other source and wastes much of that through inefficiency. Climate change is altering patterns of weather and water around the world , causing shortages and droughts in some areas and floods in other. Consider & Implement hydroponic/tunnel farming. See our Blog posts.
Land Development Issues The raw land development process is often viewed as a complex investing strategy – only “experts” should consider taking on. Although investing in undeveloped land is a complex strategy, beginners shouldn’t necessarily avoid it. See our “services page – Real Estate/ Rural Development for professional help.
Student Accommodation South Africa’s dire shortage of student accommodation continues to be an opportunity for real estate investors. Investors with a vision can currently snap up under-utilized buildings such as office blocks at excellent prices and convert these into cost – effective student housing offering stable returns.  See our “Services Page” on the subject.


Hi Hansie,

I am impressed with the level of dedication and attention to detail. Thank you very much for your outstanding service.

Kind Regards

Herbert Mudau

Good Afternoon Sir,

Thank you so much for all this information. Your work is very professional. I will surely go through these guidelines before taking steps as you recommend. I really cannot thank you enough.

Chis Zambia

Hi Hansie,

You have done an excellent job. Your hard work, passion and dedication are well noted. Thank you. You are definitely the right person for the next job.

Leandra van der Veen

Hi Hansie,

Words cannot express my gratitude towards you for your open thoughts, guidance and professional opinions. I truly value them a lot. Luckily I have you who have gone above and beyond your call of duty which have saved me a few times.


Dear Hansie Britz,

I have read all the emails, and I am out of words. This is brilliant. I am really happy and satisfied with your work. Once again, thank you for your assistance and professionalism.

Miss Nosisa Zaca

Thank you for all the help. You a star!!!!

Busisiwe Mathebula

Thank you so much for all the hard work and the manner in which you handle the whole thing professionally.

Paolo Guicastro

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION We hereby confirm that Hansie (Libra Small Business Consultants) assisted and provided us with a Professional Business Plan for presentation to our Bankers, to enable us to obtain finance for our business. The complete plan also included a Projected Cash Flow Analysis with Business Ratios. It was a great pleasure to deal with Hansie, who conducted all negotiations in a very professional and efficient manner. We can unreservedly recommend his services to all potential customers.

Wayne Bond

Hi Hansie, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job you did of putting together our business plan. It is detailed without being laborious and hits all the points one would expect, it is also very professional, and I believe creates the right impression with potential investors as well as giving us a framework to work with. You also provided a power point pitch which is awesome as a first step to feel out investors. Thanks again, much appreciated. 

Xolani Bhengu

Hi Hansie,

Thanks a lot for your service. I’m smiling all the way as I go through this plan. I must say you’re good at what you do, and you’ll surely hear from Ubunye IT again.

Moses Shasha

Good Day Hansie,

I acknowledge receipt of the parcel. Just finished reading all the stuff. I take my hat off Sir, you good in this field. I have in my entire life not saw such a quality document. This is a superb piece of work. Thank you so much!

Sam Lephallo

Good day All,

Good news: We have managed to secure a loan from the “Masisizane Fund – Old Mutual” and we go ahead with our business. I would like to thank all of you for the support and mostly for your patience during the hard times.

Peter Kasolo

Hi Hansie,

I would like to thank you for assisting Jonette and I with the farming business plan. We really do appreciate the time and effort made to complete it. It is thorough and informative and will definitely be of good use when applying for funding. We definitely know who to go for our next venture.


WOW! I am speechless! Thank you so much Hansie for this splendid work. I have looked at this very detailed business plan and can confirm that this is “value for money” defined. Thank you, Sir! Your work is highly appreciated. 

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Small Businesses and Agriculture play a vital role in building our economy, communities, and delivering the creativity that will move our country forward. The starting point to all of this is to develop a proper "Business Plan” that is necessary to show all interested parties – employees, investors, partners, and yourself – that you are committed to building your business. Creating your plan forces you to think it through and select strategies that will propel your growth.

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