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South Africa is one of the African countries that permit the cultivation of  cannabis farming.  This enable its citizens to capitalize on the increasing market for both the recreational and medical uses of the cannabis plant.

How to get a Cannabis Farming License:

The “South African Health Products Regulatory Authority” (SAHPRA) is required to regulate the availability of quality medicines.  These which are safe and efficacious for their intended use. So, this mandate requires SAHPRA to create and monitor the regulations for the production, distribution, selling, and marketing of medicines. Also scheduled substances, including cannabis.

A business must obtain a license from SAHPRA and the “Department of Health” for the following activities:

  • Cultivation and production of cannabis and cannabis resin.
  • The extraction and testing of cannabis.
  • Manufacturing a cannabis/ cannabinoid – containing medicine.
  • The importation of cannabis containing medicine.
  • The exportation of cannabis containing medicine.
  • The distribution of cannabis containing medicine.

To approve the cannabis farming license, SAHPRA will need to conduct a full inspection of the plans for the production facility. This include the proposed quality control procedures to be implementing.


Cannabis growth is made up of a series of stages that plants undergo during their lifecycle. Each stage during the cannabis farming cultivation process requires its own unique demands, including different levels of light, water, and nutrients. It can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months to grow a cannabis plant; this varies based on where you’re growing. With an indoor grow room, you have total control over environmental conditions and plants are able to flower after only a few weeks!

The quality of your plant depends on your knowledge of the cannabis growth stages and the lifecycle of your plants. Grow room air filtration protects plants throughout each stage of growth, providing mold and bacteria prevention. So, putting a stop to stagnant air, and producing clean, filtered air 24 hours a day.

Utilizing grow room air filtration is the process of drawing in and capturing airborne contaminants and other grow room threats. This is using a specialized filtration system and filter media. When you implement air filtration while cultivating cannabis, it ensures that plants are given the ultimate in clean air. This is from the first stage of germinating seeds to the last stages of harvesting, drying, and curing.

Cannabis Farming Growth Timeline

  1. Germinating: 1-7 days
    2. Seedling: 2-3 weeks
    3. Vegetative: 2-8 weeks
    4. Pre-Flowering: 1-2 weeks
    5. Flowering: 6-8 weeks
    6. Harvesting

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