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 A Home Care service business is a great alternative to traditional residential care homes. It can offer a range of medical care and daily living services to people with a variety of needs. The difference between a care & home care business is that home carers go into an individual’s home and provide care there. Many individuals who require care can be safely and effectively cared for at home.

Home Care Services

Home Care can be beneficial to people with a range of health issues including – but not limited to:

  • Cancer and Tumors.
  • Strokes or other brain damages.
  • Physical disabilities.
  • Mental Health difficulties.
  • Cognitive difficulties.
  • Long – term conditions like cerebral palsy or Down’s syndrome.
  • Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease.
  • Conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Person who is bedridden.
  • An elderly person.

Home Care usually falls into 2 categories:

Medical Home Care – This can only provide by professionals, such as nurses and doctors. Medical Home Care could involved administering medication, monitoring blood pressure/heart rate  and treating injuries.

Non – Medical Home Care – Carers do not need to be medical professionals to provide this type of care. It involves assistance with day – to – day activities, support with personal care, and support to help individuals live independently.


Demand & Growth of Caregiver Services

 The demand for private caregiver services is rising. The longevity of life play a big role and with modern – day medicine, life expectancy has increased. This means that some citizens, especially those with chronic illnesses, require longer care. Chronic disease prevalence has also increased, placing more demand on the healthcare market.

More and more seniors nowadays don’t like the idea of nursing homes and care facilities. They prefer to stay in their own homes as they age – 90% of them, to be exact. This preference greatly impacts the growth of the home health and care industry. All of this means that there is a big need for more home health agencies to provide services to citizens.

Health Care Business Plans

Developing a proper business plan  is critical for every business. Starting a home health care business is especially advantageous when improving the startegy & seeking funding. Think of it as a blueprint or a roadmap to structuring, running and growing your business. A well – thought business plan can convince investors to work with you.

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