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  Intensive Farming is a method where a large member of crops are grown with intensive use of agro – chemicals. This farming system is the latest farming technique that helps increase the higher production from a specific land.

Key Features of Intensive Farming

Some popular features of intensive subsistence farming which make it more demanding include:

  • Needs smaller land.
  • Maximize labor are engaging.
  • High crop production.
  • Low capital requires.
  • Climatic dependency is higher.
  • Emphasis on grains production.
  • Soil dependency is higher.
  • Less modern technology.

Advantages of Internal Farming

High Crop Production – This is one of the main benefits of intensive farming. Agriculture products are high in demand in the global food market.

Produce More Food Varieties – Farming requires high manpower, resources and capital, which makes it more focused on production area & quantity.

High Efficiency – Intensive farming is highly efficient because farmers makes a higher profit on a small piece of land compare to conventional farming.

Affordable Prices – It produces vegetables, fruits, beef, meat, eggs, milk prices that are more economical compare to traditional farming.

Sustainable Supply of Food – Intensive Farming offers the advantage of high crop productivity with the possibility of meeting the food market demands.


Disadvantages of Intensive Farming:

Poor Living Conditions for Livestock – Keeping livestock above their capacity is associated with pollution and poor hygiene which results in infections & diseases.

Use of Agro – Chemicals – Intensive Farming involves the utilization of numerous types of agro – chemicals.

Possibility of Poor Quality Food – Production strategies tend to overlook the need for quality and nutritious food products.

Need for a Professional Farming Business Plan

A written business plan is an important tool for business success. Think of it as a roadmap – you can travel without one, but you’re much more likely to get lost along the way. Some reasons why a business plan is crucial for your business:

Provides Clarity & Direction – It helps create focus and focus improves business performance over time.

Gets Everyone on the Same Page – Sharing your plan with team members can help everyone understanding the business better.

Helps to Attract Investors – Your plan proves the viability of your farming operation and demonstrate your business management skills to potential partners.

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