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he Jaboticaba Tree is a beautiful strange tree as it is surprising cold hardy tropical tree. It produce round, black delicious fruit tasting like a combination of grapes and cherries. The skins are slightly bitter due to the tanmin content., but the sweet flesh makes for the perfect treat.

Jaboticaba trees need small space to grow, they easy to care for, and are pest resilience. The candy-like flavor makes it a popular ingredient when making jams and jellies, deserts and even liqueur. After harvest the fruit can be kept dried or frozen. Likened to a grape, the fruit is said to be more vibrant and potent in flavor. The sweet taste intensify the longer it is left on the tree.

There are many agriculture benefits by planting Jaboticaba trees. Some people add it to their landscaping, or grow it right within a pot. They say the appearance easily adds curb appeal, making it a possible contender for urban permaculture gardens as well.


Jaboticaba Trees Pest Control

Jaboticaba trees do not need pest control , as the fruit has a leathery skin that protects it from insects. You can eat the skin along with the fruit  but many prefer not to, as its very astringent. The only real competition you’ll have for the fruit is the bird population.

Growing Jaboticaba Trees

The Jaboticaba tree, as it is a tropical plant, can grow in every climate, particular those with long winters. If it is potted, you can simply keep it in a protected environment, away from intorable frosts. The Jaboticaba tree is relatively hardy when it comes to different kinds of soils, and will thrive in any type. It needs a certain amount of shade, but, if planted in full sun, the entire tree will eventually adjust and become sun tough. The Jaboticaba tree has adapted to thrive with moderate moisture levels. It exhibits a preference for consistend humidity and can endure briedf periods of dryness. Watering practices should mimic it natural rhythm, which translates to watering once every 1- 2 weeks.

Jaboticaba Farming Business Plans

To start your Jaboticaba Farming operation successfully, you will need a proper and  professional farming business plan. Why do you need a business plan? A farming business plan helps you take a thorough/comprehensive look at the most important facet of your farming operation. Farming Business Plans can be complicate documents. If you need any help in this area contact us now for professional help and assistance.






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