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 The Raw Land Development Process includes (at minimum)  a thorough site assessment, conceptual site design, town planning approval & construction. Project success begins during the initial planning of the land development project. Missteps in project planning can result in adverse environmental impacts and significant financial losses and exposure. The main goal of land use planning is to ensure that land resources are employed efficiently. This include any land use activity including residential/agricultural uses. Raw Land Development is the process of purchasing a parcel of land with the intent to develop ot or holding on.

Benefits of Developing Land  

Investing in raw land allows people to develop it according to their needs and wants. The cost od raw land is lower than that of developed land, which entails greater profits/benefits for Investors. Investors can benefit by purchasing raw land and then sell them as plots. It offers them more opportunities and profits and helps them build a great portfolio. Benefits of developing land include (but not limited to) :

  • Investments are less competitive than residential real estate.
  • Sellers of raw land investments can be more likely to getting finance.
  • Purchase price and holding costs are lower with raw land .
  • Appreciative potential can remain high even with less than stellar market condition.
  • There are countless development opportunities for raw land.

Things to Consider Before Developing Land:

Things to consider before developing raw land:

Engineering – A crucial aspect of the raw land development process, is to have any plans reviewed by an engineer.

Understandding the Land – When you consider purchasing or developing a piece of raw land, it is vital to visit the site first. A walkthrough can reveal aspects of the land you may not have noticed.

Spatial Awareness – One of the most important pillars of successful raw land developments is spatial awareness. When purchasing raw land, you need to understand how to maximize its use and profitability.

Streets & Roads – While streets and transportation are critical elements of developing land, these can wait until much later in the process of the land development.

Topography – Topography is crucial for understanding the characteristics of the land and strategizing its usability.

Investing in land is a great low-cost way to expand your real estate portfolio. Rely heavily on research as you venture into this investment strategy. Always consider how the area could change and develop your investment accordingly.



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