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Safety & Security – South Africa has a high level of criminal activity, including violent crime such as armed robbery, rape, mugging. Also, smash & grab attacks on vehicles, and farm thefts and murders. With high unemployment, inequality, poverty, xenophobia, and racism, the country will face internal security problems for years to come.

All people know that in the past 15 years there has been an abnormal increase in violence and crime. So, showing the importance of Safety & Security. Hardly a minute goes by without news of an assault, raping, murder, hijacking, or some other type of  crime – most often against innocent people quietly going about their normal community respected everyday lives. To reduce the danger of being attacked in the street or at home, or being the victim of a crime. Or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it has become imperative for law abiding citizens to learn how to defend themselves and protect their property effectively and to implement proper Safety & Security measures.

What is Cyber-crime?

Cyber-crime is a criminal activity that either targets or uses a computer, a computer network, or a networked device. Most crime is committed by cyber-criminals or hackers who want to make money. However, occasionally cyber-crime aims to damage computers or networks for reasons other than profit.

This type of crime encompasses a wide range of criminal activities  carried out using digital devices and/or networks. These crimes involve the use of technology to commit fraud, identity theft, data breaches, computer viruses, scams. Cyber-criminals exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks to gain unauthorized access. They steal sensitive information, disrupt services, and cause financial/ reputational harm to individuals, organizations, & governments.



Agriculture safety is a critical concern for most farmers, especially in regions where rural crime rates are high. The murder rate from farm attacks, in particular, has drawn much attention – or very little – depending on who you are and how you experience it. In the past, farmer groups and representatives took the matter to overseas television, drawing international censure against farm attacks in South Africa.

Farms will often employ various farm safety & security solutions due to the variety of crimes that threaten the safety of a farm. Below, we have listed the most popular farm crimes.

Livestock Theft

One reason why farm animals might be stolen by criminals is so that thieves can sell them to other businesses. But according to research it was reported that has been an increase in livestock theft of 11% within the last few year. Thus, showing the need for proper safety & security measures.

Machinery Theft

Livestock isn’t the only thing that is stolen from farms, machinery equipment like tractors are also commonly stolen. Criminals will steal farming equipment to sell to other businesses. So some of the most common vehicles stolen from a farm are tractors, land rover defenders, and quad bikes. According to research, machinery theft has cost the farming industry nearly £40 million. Therefore, farmers need to make sure they apply proper “safety & security“on their farms.

One of the biggest crimes that affect farmers is the theft of livestock. Farm livestock is simply the different animals that a farmer will have; these animals could be sheep, cattle, pigs, or chickens.


Because farms are often in remote locations, this can cause them to become a huge target for arson crimes. Serious incidents of arson can cause farms to lose their livestock and machinery.


Fly-tipping crimes are also a big worry for farmers. This is when waste is illegally dumped on roadsides, in farmlands, and in other open lands. So, fly-tipping is extremely dangerous as the illegal waste can be dangerous to the health of humans, animals, and to any wildlife on a farm. This can only be avoid by implementing proper “safety & security”.

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