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 Due to the growth in the student housing sector, student accommodation has become a smart investment for investors and developers. Student Housing Development has shifted strongly toward high – density product closer to cumpus. The underlying appetite for higher education has demonstrated its resilience throughout the global economic downturn. The market for higher education and the modern housing of students has never been higher. As South Africa continues to attract more domestic and international students the demand for quality student accommodation has surged.

Student Accommodation Location

Choosing the right location is the most critical aspect of developing student accommodation. Therefore, proximity to educational institutions is paramount. Additionally, consider accessibility to public transportation and essential amenities sucgh as grocery stores, restaurants, and even healthcare facilities. By focusing on location, design, safety, amenities, and property management, you can create a thriving student housing venture.

Student Housing Preferances

Students, like the current generation of consumers, are inherently choosy. As such, they do not pick a specific accommodation type for the sake of it. Instead, they are impelled by personal preferences and numerous subjective factors when choosing where to live. This, coupled with student mobility, has reinforced the need for quality accommodation. As the market matures, student housing providers ought to evolve and deliver services, that meet the demand for higher quality. Meeting modern standards, however, is achievable only if tertiary institutions and property developers comprehensively understand what students want. 


What do Students Want?

Most experts agree that living in a space that foster a sense of community is one of the main needs today. A dynamic sense of community is critical to success. Events and activities include:

  • Community Gardens.
  • Study buddy programs.
  • Giving back to the community through volunteering.
  • Creating events & groups that impact change.
  • A shift from typical pool parties, barbeques and pizza parties as per – Beth Pinder – COO of Campus Advantage.

Study spaces, outdoor areas, wellness centers, coffee bars and technology – driven features are also a must for students. Amenities that benefit them directly are the most important to students. There are certain factors investors need to keep in mind when investing in student accommodation. This include:

  1. Comprehensive property assessment.
  2. University requirements.
  3. Number of post- graduate student residents.
  4. Number of graduate student residents.
  5. Annual rental income projections.


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